Tuesday, 7 April 2009

Google Search Poetry

I've noticed that Google has started suggesting things that I might be searching for. I don't know why the good people at Google think I have suddenly lost the wherewithal to know what it is I'm actually looking for, but there you have it. The upshot of their suggestions is that the list of Google search suggestions very often looks like a piece of sixth form poetry.

Here are some examples...

A touching piece entitled 'I Can't Believe...'

Or a more political one entitled 'Why Does Everyone...?'

Plenty more where these came from...

Why not try your own?


WILLIAM said...

Very funny, though it’s not helping the “geeks write blogs” image thing. So come on, put down that keyboard and let’s get back to wrestling practice

Toby Davies said...

I put that into Google and it came up with a delightful short verse.

'To Wrest
To Wrestle
To Wrestle with darkness'

How does that make you feel?

Anonymous said...

Well, I once got 'to wrestle a dinosaur'. Let's not point out the obvious flaws, Google.
It still wins the Google vs. Yahoo war